Production test

Vistar created a production account for your organization and uploaded your venues with the corresponding venue information and category restrictions. This test must occur in the production environment using your production account and credentials (see API credentials to learn how to retrieve your production credentials). The Production Test is set up entirely by Vistar to test real-world campaign scenarios.

Note: During this testing phase, your production account is not yet activated on the exchange, so your venues do not appear to media buyers.

Reminder: This is an overall summary of what a Production Test could look like. The testing process may vary depending on your integration type with Vistar. Refer to your statement of work (SOW) or contact Vistar if you have any specific questions regarding the test.


  • This test occurs for 24 hours.
  • All devices that are expected to go live on the exchange need to be tested.
  • All venues that are expected to go live on the exchange are in your production environment in the ad platform. Note that Vistar set up your venues in your production account.
  • Test campaigns run across your entire network. Note that Vistar sets up and activates the test campaigns for you.

The following checklist outlines what we are observing after the test campaigns are launched in the production environment.

Integration Health Requirements 

Test Activity Description Expectation
Send ad requests The ad request must send required information to the ad server. See Ad Serving API to see which fields are required in the ad request.
All venues requesting All test venues are requesting ads from the ad server. 100% of agreed upon venues are sending requests.
Request frequency

Send a frequency of ad requests in line with real-world volume.

For example: The playlist structure is one spot dedicated to Vistar every five minutes. Vistar should only receive 12 ad requests per hour.

Actual should be +/- 10% of the expected ad request volume.
Expirations All leased ads that cannot be played should be expired. Less than 10% of leased ads are expired.
Spend rate

The percentage of leased ads for which you send a PoP.

Spent ads / Leased ads

More than 90% of leased ads are spent.
Onscreen behavior The devices must be monitored for accurate behavior. No skipping, no black screens, and so on.

Vistar monitors the performance in the backend and confirms that reporting shows no issues with the integration. The behavior in the production environment must match the behavior in the staging environment.

If the test failed, changes must be made to the integration and the test can be repeated. If the test passed, your production account is ready to be activated and venues can go live.

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