Integration types

You can use the following table to compare and determine which integration type works best for your organization. Each integration type in this table includes a description, relevant documentation, a simplified diagram, supported operating systems, and features available.

Depending on the integration type, each feature is either included, supported, or not supported:

  • Included—This feature is part of the integration type. No development work is needed by your team to support this feature.
  • Supported—This feature can be available with this integration type, however, your team must build it as part of the integration.
  • Not supported—This feature is not currently available and cannot be supported with the integration type.
  Native integration Agent Ayuda or Broadsign Full stack Cortex
Description Connect directly to Vistar’s Ad Serving API. This integration type relies heavily on your development team. The agent simplifies delivery of programmatic ads to your inventory. Your CMS makes simple requests to the agent for ads and reports back after ads run.

The agent is installed directly on a device and is the connection to the ad server.
If you are using Broadsign or Ayuda as a CMS, you can access the exchange and ad server by using a custom HTML5 asset or web redirect URL created by Vistar.

The HTML5 asset or web redirect URL must be configured and added to the player’s ad strategy.
Cortex is Vistar’s platform for managing your connected devices. This includes the Cortex Player (installed on your device) and Cortex Fleet, which is a dashboard used to manage your devices and content.

If your organization is full stack Cortex, you have access to the ad platform and a built-in integration to the ad server.
Documentation Ad Serving API Agent integration Ayuda or Broadsign integration Cortex overview
Diagram of the integration type Native integration Agent integration Ayuda or Broadsign integration Full Cortex
Supported operating systems All
  • Linux and Windows
  • Broadsign - Windows
  • Broadsign - Windows
  • Ayuda - Linux and Windows
Linux, Windows, and WebOS.
Creative caching Supported Included 
  • Broadsign - Not supported
  • Ayuda - Supported
Retrying PoPs Supported Included Not supported Included
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