Use the staging environment for testing

Vistar provides access to a staging environment for your organization to use while developing and testing your integration. The staging environment replicates the production environment to ensure realistic testing before deployment. In the staging environment, Vistar created your test network, one or more test venues, and set up one or more test campaigns to mimic the production environment.
In order to receive an ad, a campaign and venue must be present in your account when you make an ad request.

You should receive an email notification confirming that an account was created for you. After you create a password for your account, you can access the staging environment at

To get started, the following is currently set up in your staging account:

  • Network—Click Networks in the side navigation bar to view your network. See Networks Overview for more information.
  • Venues—Click Networks in the side navigation bar and click the name of your network. A list of your venues appear in the Venues tab. See Venues in the Vistar System for more information.
  • Order—Click Orders in the side navigation bar to view an order. See Create an order for more information.
  • Creatives—Click Orders in the side navigation bar, click an order name, and then click the Creatives tab. See Uploading Creatives to Orders for more information.
  • User accounts—Click Admin in the side navigation bar to view each account and each account status. See Login management for more information.

You can use the ad platform to test and deliver ads to your test devices (also known as lab devices).

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