Onboarding test order setup

Onboarding Test Order Setup

This document outlines how to create an order, set up a line item, associate creatives, and activate the order for testing purposes.


1. Log in to the ad platform at trafficking.vistarmedia.com

2. Click Ad Serving. The Orders table appears.

3. Click + Order. The Add Order modal appears.




4. Enter the following information:

  • Name—Enter a name for your order. Note that this name must be unique.
  • Advertiser—Select any test advertiser from the drop-down list




5. Click + Line item in the top-right corner of the table. The New Line Item modal appears.




6. Enter the following information in the corresponding fields:

  • Line Item Name—The unique name for your line item.
  • Priority— Set as house
  • Start Date—Beginning date of your line item should be set for today.
  • End Date—Finishing date of your line item should be set for 30 days.
  • Goal— set 100,000,000 impressions.
  • Click Save. The new line item is added to the table and the Targeting tab appears.



7. In the top left corner click on your order name to take you back to the order setup. 




8. Click Reserve in the top-right corner. The Confirm Reservation modal appears. Click confirm.




9. Click Review & Book in the top-right corner. The Review & Book modal appears. Click Book. The status of the order updates to Booked.




10. Click Launch in the upper-right corner. The Launch Confirmation modal appears. Click Yes, Launch.




11. Navigate to creatives > add creatives > next > upload your test creative(s) > set any creative category > set duration, if a static creative > hit add creatives




12. Navigate to “line items” and select the name of the line item




13. Deselect even pace > associate creatives you previously uploaded > save



14. Select the line item check box > actions > activate





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