Integration testing process

Each network is required to perform a series of tests for their respective integration to ensure a strong integration. Vistar sets up each test to resemble real-world campaign scenarios, reviews the results of each test, and provides any necessary technical support.

The three tests that must be performed (in order) are outlined in the following articles of this section:

 Test name Approximate length Goal of test
1. Initial Integration Test 3 days

To confirm the basic workflow of the integration works on a test device (also known as a lab device):

  • Ad requests are made.
  • Ads are leased out.
  • Proof of plays (PoPs) are hit.
  • No issues with content playback.
2. Certification Test 3-5 days To confirm the integration works on live devices in the field and respects targeting rules.
3. Production Test 24 hours The behavior in the production environment must match the behavior in the staging environment with no issues or discrepancies.

The testing process may vary depending on your integration type with Vistar. Refer to your statement of work (SOW) or contact Vistar if you have any specific questions regarding these tests.

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