An introduction to integrations

At Vistar Media, an ad serving integration is a connection between your organization’s content management system (CMS) and Vistar’s ad server. This enables your organization to leverage the scale of Vistar’s network and gain access to digital-out-of-home (DOOH) media buyers.

By integrating with Vistar, you can:

  • Connect to the exchange and monetize your unsold inventory programmatically.
  • Work directly with media buyers to transact direct buys and private marketplace deals (PMPs).
  • Gain insight into inventory and campaign performance through our ad platform.
  • Take advantage of our data and measurement offerings to apply different targeting capabilities.

You can work with Vistar to implement a strong integration to ensure your organization is getting the most value from Vistar’s ad server and the ad platform. Vistar works with your team to ensure that the integration meets quality standards. With a strong integration, your organization can maximize the value of your inventory through direct-sold and exchange demand sources.

What makes a strong integration?

  • Requesting ads close to the requested display time (not far in advance).
  • Playing ads close to the requested display time (not long after).
  • Manually expiring ads when they cannot be played.
  • Hitting proof of plays (PoPs) soon after ads are leased.
  • Reaching a high fulfillment rate by playing nearly all ads that are served to your screens.
  • Using the creative endpoints to cache creatives in advance.

During development, Vistar works with your team to ensure that you are building a strong integration. You can view the Integration testing process later in this section for more details.

To get started, see the Step-by-step integration guide.

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