Certified operating systems

The table in this article outlines the operating systems that are certified to run the Cortex player. The rows represent individual operating systems and the columns include which applications are supported on that operating system (OS), limitations of the operating system, and certain settings that need to be enabled or disabled for optimal performance. View the following section to learn more about our recommendations.


Overall, our preferred and recommended hardware and OS combination is AOPEN Linux.


We recommend AOPEN. AOPEN is our preferred partner and we have Cortex Player images built for their hardware.

Note: We do not support ARM-based hardware.

Operating system

We recommend Linux imaged with Cortex.

Note that you can use Linux without the Cortex image if:

  1. You or your development team are proficient in working with the Linux operating system.
  2. You have remote access to your devices.
  3. You can manage your devices.

Otherwise, we recommend Windows. 

Note: Additionally, you can view the System Requirements article based on your operating system.

  Vistar Media Ads application Webpage application Custom applications Limitations Special Instructions
Windows 7 Y Y Y - -
Windows 10 (home edition) Y Y Settings
Windows 10 IoT  Y Y Y - Settings
Linux (Ubuntu) Y Y Y No hardware acceleration. If AOPEN:

Device should be imaged
WebOS 4.0 Y Y N Known hardware issues for all webOS devices.  
WebOS 4.1 Y Y N Known hardware issues for all webOS devices.  
WebOS 6.0 Y Y N Known hardware issues for all webOS devices.  
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