System requirements

This article outlines the supported operating systems and respective hardware requirements for the Cortex Player and Cortex Fleet. View the following information based on your organization's hardware preference.

Cortex Player

Note: We have a list of our preferred and recommended hardware and OS combination outlined in Certified operating systems.


Windows 7 & Windows 10

  • We support both 32-bit and 64-bit for Windows 7 and Windows 10.
  • Min memory: 2GB, Ideally: 4GB+
  • Min storage: 10GB
  • CPU: Any modern x86-64 CPU should work. Intel Bay Trail, Celeron, i3/i5/i7+ series should work.

Important: The watchdog process requires .NET 3.5 to be installed on the host operating system. Any other .NET version may result in unexpected behavior.

See Requirements for Windows 10 to learn about the settings that must be disabled for the Cortex player to run without interruption.


Linux x64

  • We support both 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • We have support for interactive touch screens
  • Any Linux distribution should work.
    • To ensure a smooth installation process, it is necessary to manually install Python 2 before installing the Cortex player. This step is crucial because the three latest Ubuntu releases come with Python 3 pre-installed by default, which is currently not compatible with Cortex.
  • We have an Ubuntu 18.04 image for AOPEN devices.
  • Min memory: 2GB, Ideally: 4GB+
  • Min storage: 10GB
  • CPU: Any modern x86-64 CPU should work. Intel Bay Trail, Celeron, i3/i5/i7+ series should work.

WebOS Signage 4.0, WebOS Signage 4.1 & WebOS Signage 6.0

  • Note: WebOS Signage is a different operating system than WebOS. We only support WebOS Signage, as that is LG's commercial version.
  • Note: We recommend using commercial grade hardware, as consumer grade hardware will likely have a higher failure rate. Although the upfront cost may be higher, it should be made up for by the model's durability.

WebOS models we currently support: 

  • 32SM5KE-BJ
  • 43SM5KE-BJ
  • 43UH5F-HJ
  • 55SM5KE-BJ
  • 55UH5F-HJ
  • 55UL3J-EP
  • 65UH5F-HJ
  • 65UL3G-BJ
  • 75UH5F-HJ
  • 75UL3G-BJ
  • 75UL3J-EP
  • 75UM3E-BJ
  • WP400-JP
  • WP402-BJ

Please contact if your webOS TVs are a different model.

Cortex Fleet

Cortex Fleet is only supported for Chrome browsers on desktops.

Other information and requirements

  • The Cortex player's base memory usage is around 200MB.
  • Applications deployed to the player may consume more memory if they use in-memory caching.
  • The Cortex player's installation requires around 100MB of disk space.
  • The actual disk usage depends on the applications that the player uses. Applications may choose to use disk-based caching to store media files.
  • It is recommended to have at least a few GBs of free disk space at any time to let applications cache media files for optimal performance.
  • The Cortex player should be able to access on TCP port 443.
  • You do not need to install any certificates. Cortex‚Äôs certificates are provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • The Cortex player does not install any Codecs for video playback. We use FFmpeg within our player to handle video decoding.
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