Dynamic creative support for the SSP marketplace


Vistar has created a dynamic creative rendering service built into our SSP that allows us to take a standard dynamic creative and render it as an image at the time of transaction. As a media owner, this will streamline the process of executing dynamic campaigns programmatically. There are few key elements to the solution:

  • Creatives will follow a standardized dynamic creative spec to ensure they can be rendered for DOOH screens. A dynamic creative may incorporate one or multiple data feeds. 
  • Media owners will approve the dynamic creative template within Vistar’s ad platform. The template will only need to be approved once, but you can preview the dynamic creative on each venue prior to approving.
  • The creative rendering service is responsive to screen specifications, so the same dynamic creative can be resized to fit a landscape or portrait orientation.
  • Any media owner with a native integration with Vistar’s SSP will need to be certified for dynamic support to ensure the integration is compatible with the solution. 

Integration requirements

In order to be approved for dynamic campaigns, your integration will need to be certified by Vistar's team. Below are our integration criteria, which we will monitor as part of the test. Reach out to your dedicated account manager with any questions about how to coordinate this test. 

  • Supported mime types: Must support jpeg files
  • Creative caching
    • If creative caching is a requirement, must cache based on an asset_url. The asset_url will update for every unique version of the creative that is generated. 
    • If Vistar’s creative caching endpoint is used to cache creatives in advance (e.g. once a day), this will limit the types of dynamic use cases that can be supported. Only creatives valid for the next 30 hours will be returned. 
  • Accuracy of requested display times
    • In order to deliver dynamic creatives reliably, a media owner’s requested display times must be within a high degree of accuracy. This is particularly important when the dynamic use case is time dependent (e.g. sports scores, countdowns).

Preview Dynamic Creatives

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