Status codes and errors

The Ad Serving API returns HTTP status codes for every request. A few of the common status codes and errors are outlined in the following table. See the Proof of play (PoP) section in this article for status codes related to PoPs.

Code Message Description
200 OK The request was processed successfully.
400 Invalid Request

Something was wrong with the data that was sent to the server. Ensure all required fields are present and check the attached message of the error.

Example 400 error messages:

  • Lease expired by ___ seconds—You attempted to hit a PoP URL after the leased ad has expired.
  • Lease Already Spent—You attempted to hit the PoP URL more than once.
  • Invalid PoP URL—This can occur if the PoP URL is truncated or there is incorrect information appended to it.
  • Venue ID does not exist in your network

  • Confirm that you have a valid venue ID or lat/long

403 Forbidden

Authentication errors as a result of posting incorrect credentials.

Example 403 error message: Could not authenticate, check network id or api key credentials.

408 Request Timeout The client may be having problems connecting to the internet, or Vistar's API servers may not be responding quickly enough. This request should be retried.
429 Too Many Requests The Ad Serving API server is receiving too many queries per second from the Network ID. Reduce the amount of ad requests sent to the Ad Serving API per second across your network.
500 Server Error The Ad Serving API servers received the requested, but encountered an error while processing it. This request may be retried.


Proof of play status codes

Code Message Description
200 OK The request was submitted successfully.
400 Invalid Request

This can occur for the following reasons:

  • The lease has already been spent.
  • Invalid display time.
  • Attempting to hit the PoP outside of the allowable window.
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