BrightSign integration support

BrightSign is a hardware and CMS provider who has built support for the agent integration. This document outlines hardware requirements, the agent installation process, and how to upgrade players for Vistar partners running the BrightSign agent integration. 

Hardware support

BrightSign’s CMS called BrightAuthor only runs on BrightSign hardware. Below is a list of BrightSign media players that support the BrightSign agent integration: 

  • SERIES 4

XD4 / XT4 (Malibu):

LS4 / HD4 (Pagani):

  • SERIES 3

XD3 / XT3 (Impala):

LS3 / HD3 / HS3 (Pantera):

  • SERIES 2

4K (Tiger):

XD2 (Lynx): Not compatible

HD2 (Bobcat): Not compatible

LS2 (Panther): Not compatible


Install Agent 

  • Vistar technical analyst sends an email to BrightSign asking for the firmware link. Vistar technical analyst must include the below info:
    • Media Owner 
    • Hardware model(s)
  • BrightSign provides firmware based on hardware. 
    • Note: Firmware includes the Vistar Extension Package which handles communication with the agent 
  • Vistar technical analyst shares firmware with Media Owner
  • Media owner installs agent on test device(s) following the below steps: 
    • Copy the .bswf file to the root of the SD card
    • Copy the file to the sd card and restart device 
      • Player will automatically install firmware after device is restarted 
    • Schedule Vistar place holders in BrightAuthor 
      • Currently static and video place holders 
      • Dynamic support is in development with Brightsign 
    • Vistar plugin must also be added to Bright Author under File >> Presentation properties >> Plugin
  • Media owner sends Vistar technical analyst:
    • MAC address 
    • Venue specs of their test device

It is important that the media owner does not ask Vistar to register device(s) until the above process is complete. Agent registration is based on connection attempts and if the firmware and placeholders are not added, Vistar will not receive connection attempts from the MAC address disabling registration. 

Agent Upgrades

BrightSign manages their own operating system and holds tight controls over what can be installed on their devices. All agent upgrades must go through BrightSign’s approval process before being added to the BrightSign firmware. 


Vistar Responsibilities 

  • Product to send agent software release notes to all agent media owners 
  • Supply ops to provide support if necessary 

BrightSign Responsibilities

  • BrightSign to use agent download link and search for Brightsign to retrieve latest version
  • BrightSign to complete QA for latest agent version 
  • BrightSign to update firmware to include latest agent version 
  • BrightSign to make firmware upgrade available for media owners
  • BrightSign to email Vistar partners that new firmware is available 

Media Owner Responsibilities 

  • Media Owner to upgrade all devices to the latest firmware version
  • If latest agent version is not available with a new firmware release, media owner to reach out to BrightSign for timing
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