Access Vistar’s SSP venue drop

You can retrieve information about venues in Vistar’s SSP by accessing a JSON file in a shared s3 bucket. This allows you to independently launch open exchange campaigns without needing support from Vistar or publishers prior to each campaign’s launch. The venue drop JSON file helps you to understand how much inventory qualifies based on your set targeting, how many impressions you can traffic, what creative sizes you need to provide, and much more.

The JSON file that contains the venue data is dropped in an s3 bucket (s3://vistarmedia-3p-inventory/production/inventory.json) and is refreshed on a daily basis to ensure that the information is up-to-date. Here's an example of the correct command to run to access the file :

aws s3 cp s3://vistarmedia-3p-inventory/production/inventory.json inventory.json

If you are interested in accessing Vistar’s SSP venue drop file, you are required to provide an AWS ARN  for a user role in your AWS account. We will then provide access to Vistar's s3 bucket. 

The following fields are included in the venue drop file:

Venue drop fields
Name Field name Description Type Example
Public ID public_id Globally unique identifier of the venue.  String vae9d:acb1234
Industry ID industry_id Unique identifier for the screen as specified by the publisher. String  abc1234
Venue Name venue_name Name for the venue as defined by the publisher. String  Test Venue
Venue Type ID venue_type_id ID describing the requesting venue type. For mapping of IDs to labels, see Venue types in Vistar’s SSP Integer 301
Publisher Display Name publisher_
Name the publisher chooses to display for themselves. String Lamar
Publisher Currency publisher_
Local currency for the publisher. String USD
Latitude latitude The requesting screen’s latitude. Number 40.71284
Longitude longitude The requesting screen’s longitude. Number  -74.00615
Country country Country in which the venue is located. String  US
Height height Height of the screen in pixels. Integer  1080
Width width Width of the screen in pixels Integer 1920
Avg. Floor CPM Cents avg_floor_ cpm_cents

Floor CPM of the venue in local currency cents for open auction transactions

Cannot exceed a value equivalent to $500 US dollars 

Integer 800 
Publisher Currency publisher_currency

Currency of the publisher's CPM floor 

Integer USD
Supports Video supports_video  Whether or not the venue supports video ads  Boolean  FALSE 
Supports Banner supports_banner  Whether or not the venue supports banner ads Boolean  TRUE 
Supports Audio supports_audio  Whether or not the venue supports audio Boolean  TRUE 
Min Duration min_duration  Minimum accepted video duration Integer 5
Max Duration max_duration  Maximum accepted video duration Integer 30
Avg. Daily Impressions avg_daily_ impressions  Average daily impressions available on the screen based on historical request volumes Number 24654.4 
Avg. Impression Multiplier impressions_ per_spot  dooh.impmultiply value for ads on the screen assuming a 15s spot duration  Number  12.21 
Deal Enabled deal_enabled  Whether or not the venue is available via PMPs/deals Boolean TRUE 
Open Exchange Enabled exchange_enabled  Whether or not the venue is available via open exchange Boolean FALSE
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