View the device time

You can view a device's local time in Fleet. This is beneficial for troubleshooting any device issues, such as screen operating hours or day part targeting issues.

To view the device time

  1. Log in to Fleet at
  2. Click Devices in the side navigation bar. The Device List view appears.
  3. Click the name of a device, then click the Internal State tab.
  4. Type player in the search field.
  5. Click the player drop-down to expand the section.
  6. Scroll to the time object.

The following example shows what the time is for a device.

"time": {
"local": "2019-06-13T21:06:05.577Z",
"unix": 1560459965577,
"timezone": "-0800"

Note the following:

  • If there is a Z-{number} or Z+{number} (for example: Z-5 or Z+6) appended to the local time, the device time is already converted.
  • If there is a Z appended to the local time, it is in UTC and must be converted to the device's local time zone.
    • To convert from UTC to the timezone the device is in, add or subtract the number of hours in the timezone field. For example, if the device local time shows 21:00 UTC and the timezone field shows -0800, the local time would be 13:00 PST.
  • If the time offset is incorrect, please update the local time on your device. For example, if the device timezone is EST then the {number} or timezone field should be -5 or -500. 

From UTC to Local Time (in the US):

Eastern Standard Time (EST) UTC - 5 hours = EST
Central Standard Time (CST) UTC - 6 hours = CST
Mountain Standard Time (MST) UTC - 7 hours = MST
Pacific Standard Time (PST) UTC - 8 hours = PST
Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) UTC - 4 hours = EDT
Central Daylight Time (CDT) UTC - 5 hours = CDT
Mountain Daylight Time (MDT) UTC - 6 hours = MDT
Pacific Daylight Time (PST) UTC - 7 hours = PDT
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