Bulk register devices

You can register your devices in bulk by uploading a CSV file in Fleet. This process enables you to quickly register and add information for multiple devices. A template is available for download in Fleet, which allows you to add device information, such as the unique identifier, device name, location, and so on.

Complete the following procedure to register devices in bulk.

To register devices in bulk

  1. Log in to Fleet at fleet.cortexpowered.com.
  2. Click Devices, then Bulk Register in the side navigation bar. The Bulk Register Devices view appears.
  3. Click Download Bulk Registration .csv Template to download the bulk register template. A CSV file downloads to your computer.
  4. Open the CSV file and add your device information to the following fields:

    Template fields
    Header Description Required

    The device unique identifier. It can be any of the following:

    - Cortex registration code for all operating systems.
    - MAC address for Windows, Linux, and LG webOS devices.
    - Directory API ID for ChromeOS devices.

    device_name The name of the device. Required
    network_name The name of the network in which the device should be included. Note that the network name needs to be a network that already exists in Fleet. Required
    lat_long The location of the device. Optional
    venue_id This is the vistar.venue_id located in the ad platform. Optional
    tags These are used to help you easily identify, group, and search for devices. These are comma separated values. Optional
    screen_rotation This flag enables you to rotate the content on your screen. Optional
    width Width resolution of your player window. Optional
    height Height resolution of your player window. Optional
    is_agent This flag is used to identify whether the device is using Vistar’s agent. Optional

    Note: Enter the MAC address or unique identifier to create the device shell.

    This enables you to register devices in Fleet, prior to installing the player or agent on the device.

  5. (Optional) Add custom device parameters in bulk by adding the following parameter, param:{parameter_name}, in a new column. For example, you can add param:webpage.url as the parameter and https://www.google.com as the value. Learn more about device parameters.
  6. Save your CSV file. Note that the CSV file must be in Comma Separated Values (.csv) format.
  7. Click Choose file in the Upload .csv file section and select your CSV file. Note that the CSV file can have a maximum size of 500KB and must be in UTF-8 format to upload in Fleet.
  8. Click Register. Your devices are now registered in Fleet.

Note: If there are any errors with your CSV file, it appears in Fleet after you upload the CSV file. You can fix the errors in the CSV file, then repeat the procedure to register devices in bulk.

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