Release 3.83

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 3.83. We’ve made the following changes and improvements:

Users can now view a range of months in Revenue Management

Previously in Revenue Management, users were only able to view a single month’s worth of reporting data and compare it to same month of the previous year. Now, as a media owner, you can select a range of months to view at once, allowing you to see how these figures are trending on a monthly basis.

Notable uses for Revenue Management are listed below -

  • Tracking how inventory has been monetized across both directly sold campaigns and the Vistar Exchange
  • Viewing trending monthly occupancy statistics showing what percentage of capacity was monetized over a time period
  • Viewing trending monthly revenue statistics on a per venue basis


Choose multiple date intervals at once in reporting

Previously in the reporting view, you were only able to select one date interval at a time. For example, you could previously only group by the data table by hour OR by day. Now you are able to select both by hour AND by day, allowing for more granularly labeled reporting figures.


Users can now copy proposals in Inventory

As a media owner, you can now copy proposals in Inventory. This saves time when creating multiple proposals for the same client.

Note that all copied proposals default to open, regardless of the status of the proposal that was copied.


Fixed start and end date timing when creating an order from an Inventory proposal

There was an issue causing start and end dates to be wrong when an order was created directly from a proposal. This issue is now resolved, so the start and end dates for the generated order should match the proposal.


Added “Bonus” as a new line item priority level

As a media owner, you have the ability to set a priority when creating line items. The ad server will always serve line items with higher priority before line items with lower priority. Previously, there were only three priority levels: Sponsorship, Default, and House. Now, in addition to these three we have added “Bonus”, which will occupy the space between Default and House. Descriptions of the four priority levels are listed below:

  • Sponsorship - Top priority takeovers
  • Default - Standard paid ad content
  • Bonus - “Added value” impressions that are given to clients for free, i.e. with a $0 CPM.
  • House - Non-advertising spaces such as PSA content or internal promotions 
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