Release 3.81

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 3.81. We’ve made the following changes and improvements:

Shared reporting now includes SpotStream and order progress

Shared reporting has been live for several weeks. This allows media owners who are using our ad server to share a live reporting dashboard with buyers.  In this week's release, we added a couple of features that make this experience even more useful for buyers. Now, buyers can view a list of all of the orders that have been shared with them, as well as see the progress of the order (as shown in the screenshot below). Buyers can also click on the order name, to view SpotStream, our real-time delivery map. 


Revenue management calculations now exclude House line items

Revenue Management previously considered House priority line items, which led to inflated Occupancy and deflated CPM calculations. Now, only “Default” and “Sponsorship” line items are considered.

Added Activation Date to venues

As a media owner, there may be times when you would like to add venues to the system before they are available to be purchased. This is useful when you are rolling out a new network of screens. In this case, you want to be able to manage and sell the new inventory, but keep track of which screens are or are not available. When adding or updating a venue, you can set the Activation Date field as shown below. 

A venue's Activation Date only impacts it's availability when creating proposals in Inventory Management. 

The Activation Date does not impact ad delivery.

You can read more about this here: Venue Activation Dates

Added support for custom geofences

Vistar Inventory Management and Ad Serving supports several standard geographic areas for planning and targeting. These include DMAs, States, Zip Codes, NYC Boroughs and Neighborhoods.

Now, you have the ability to create and use your own custom geofences. These are appropriate when you have a non-standard geographic area that you would like to use as an inventory filter or targeting parameter. As an example, you might want to target all of your inventory that is South of 59th street in Manhattan. That is not a standard geographic area, but if it is a common request from your clients, we can get the shape set up for you as a geofence. 

Once added, you will see the shape in the "Geofence" filter in Inventory Management. It will also be available under the "Geofence" targeting option in the ad server. 

Custom geofence requests can be submitted by emailing

Filtering on a geofence


Added Street Address, City, State, and Zip Code to Inventory unit export

The unit export from Inventory now includes 2 additional columns. The first column includes the Street Address, City, and State of the units, and the second column is the Zip Code. 

Implemented daily campaign pacing emails

We now have an automated alert system to help designated users identify potential issues with active campaigns/line items. This system includes two emails -- one sent in the morning, which provides a quick snapshot of your campaigns/line items that are currently at least 10% under-pace, and the second sent at mid-day, which alerts you of campaigns that have not delivered any ads since 12 am ET of the current day.

As mentioned, these emails are sent to designated users only. Please reach out to if you would like to be added to the email list!


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