Release 3.79

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 3.79. We’ve made the following changes and improvements: 

Deployed a real-time campaign delivery map: SpotStream

Traditionally, campaign validation has come in the form of an individual watching a single device in-person until that screen displays the creative of the campaign in question. As the industry moves away from the traditional loop based model toward a more programmatic, audience based model, it becomes tougher to rely on this form of validation. Rather, advertisers need a way to view delivery across multiple locations simultaneously. With this in mind, we have created a tool that allows media owners to visualize exactly where and how frequently their campaigns are running in real-time -- SpotStream.

What is SpotStream?

SpotStream is a live map showing real-time campaign delivery. For any given order, SpotStream will show a blip of the creative that is playing mapped to the physical location of the screen. Media owners are now be able to validate exactly where their ads are physically running in real time, rather than relying on time delayed reporting tables or end of campaign proof-of-performance. 

How do I view SpotStream for my orders?

As a media owner, you will need to have Vistar activate SpotStream in your account for it to be viewable. Please contact if you are interesting in using SpotStream.

SOV % in Inventory is now based on impressions instead of spots

Previously, share of voice (SOV) was calculated using spots, which could cause inconsistent SOV numbers when checking availability.  In order to resolve these inconsistencies, we have updated all SOV calculations to be based on impressions. The SOV should now be the same every time you check availability.

Improved availability check performance in Inventory

We made improvements to the availability calculation in Inventory to improve efficiency. You should notice quicker processing times when checking availability.

Improved the 'Salesperson' dropdown in Inventory

We made two major improvements to the “Salesperson” dropdown in inventory. First, the list of salespeople is now alphabetized, and second, you can now search the dropdown for the relevant salesperson. These features allow you to easily navigate through longer lists of salespeople .

Improved zip code filtering in Inventory

Previously, you were only able to submit zip codes to the filter module as a comma separated list in order to filter the map. Now you can also submit zip codes in a new-line separated list. This allows you to copy and paste zips from another source without having to worry about reformatting.

Fixed sorting by progress column

We had been experiencing an issue preventing users from sorting both IOs and campaigns by progress. This issue has been fixed, and now users can sort any list of IOs or campaigns by any column by simply clicking on the header name.

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