Release 3.77

 Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 3.77.  We’ve added a new feature and made the following changes and improvements:


Added Revenue Management reporting view

Media owners can use the new Revenue Management feature in reporting to gain high-level insights into revenue and occupancy statistics. The feature includes a year-over-year comparison and a breakdown by demand source. For more information, visit the Revenue Management article. 

Improved budget entry in Inventory proposal form

We've improved how the budget is entered on the proposal form in Inventory to make this step more consistent with media owners' business workflows. In the Inventory tool, you now create a proposal by entering a target dollar budget and CPM. An impression budget for the proposal will be automatically calculated based on these inputs. Visit the Proposal Creation article for more information. 

Fixed an issue that caused slow responses when changing the impression budget on a line item

You should now be able to instantly update impressions budgets on line items. 


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