Release 3.50


Today we released Version 3.50. We made some minor improvements / bug fixes as well as some big changes for sellers:

Minor UI Fixes:

  • Inactive venue types removed from reporting and targeting filters

  • Archiving an order now removes it from the table (previously had to refresh)

  • Can no longer backdate line items (cannot activate a line item with a start date before the current day)

Updates for Sellers:

The following changes are for sellers using Direct Ad Serving (these changes do not apply to the exchange):

  • Showing dollar total when creating orders
  • Improved spots budget support
  • Venue groups

Details below:

Showing Dollar Total for Orders

When you create an order, you enter a budget (in impressions or spots), and a rate (CPM or CPS). Now, the form will calculate the total dollar amount for your order based on those inputs. This is meant to be an indicator to help you confirm your setup against your contract.



Improved Support For Spots Budgets

Recently, we added support for setting a budget in “spots” (ad plays) for orders and line items (rather than impressions). This is for media owners who need to adhere to a set number of plays per hour (not ready to sell impressions). Today we made a few updates to really improve our support for spots:


When setting a spots budget, sellers can set a “CPS” instead of a CPM. CPS is Cost per Thousand Spots.



eCPS is now included in Direct reporting. You will see it next to eCPM. eCPS will be calculated and shown in reporting regardless of the budget type on your orders and line items. The same is true for eCPM.



More info on spots budgeting can be found in our KB here: Spots Budgets

Venue Groups

You can now group your venues into sets for use in targeting. If there is a group of venues that you know you need to target as a group often, it’s much easier to create a group once and reuse it whenever you need it.


Some scenarios where you might want to use venue groups:

  • You have multiple venues (screens) in a single location that you want to target all together (like a train station)

  • You have a set of venues that all share some characteristic that is not otherwise targetable (e.g. these venues are your “High-End Locations”).



  • Venue groups are associated with a network.

  • You can only target one venue group at a time

  • Venue groups should not be used in place of existing geographic targeting options (e.g. don’t create a venue group to house all venues in NYC, since we already have targeting options for NY DMA, Manhattan, etc.)

Instructions for creating venue groups can be found in our KB here: Venue Groups


As always, email with any feedback or questions.


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