Release 3.75

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 3.75. See improvements and bug fixes below:

Media Owners can now share reporting with Clients

Vistar now allows media owners to share a reporting dashboard with their clients. This allows advertisers to view how their campaigns are delivering in real-time.

More information on the sharing process and an overview of what advertisers will be able to view can be found in our sharing reporting KB article.

After a media owner shares an order with their client, the client user can log into Vistar, and gather answers to the following questions:

  • How many times have my ads run so far?
  • How many impressions do those ad plays equate to?
  • How do these metrics compare across locations, venue type, day-part, etc?

All of this data is available in near real-time, which means no more waiting for publisher reporting or PoPs.

Minor improvements and bug fixes in the inventory tool

We made some fixes and improvements to our inventory and planning tools that will both help performance and usability.

  • Fixed a bug that made it difficult for multiple users in the same account to reserve proposals simultaneously.
  • Fixed a bug that caused CPM to change when creating an order from a booked proposal
  • Reduced upload time for custom POI sets
  • Added an informative error message when units aren't in a network when creating an order from a booked proposal

Campaign pacing now accounts for day-part targeting

We have modified campaign pacing such that it now accounts for day-part targeting properly. Previously, campaigns would deliver as if they were behind pace for the initial hours of the targeting to make up for the hours that were not targeted. Now these campaign will pace evenly across the day-part targeting that is applied.


As always, please reach out to with any questions.

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