Release 3.46

This week we released version 3.46. Here's a summary of what changes were released:

For Media Owners:

Spots Budgets for Ad Serving

Media owners who use the Vistar Ad Server for their direct campaigns can now set up Orders and Line Items with spots (ad plays) budgets in addition to impression budgets. This allows you to budget based on a precise number of ad plays, instead of just impressions. This should be a big help for media owners who want the benefit of ad serving, but who aren't ready to make the jump to impression based selling.


 In the Works

Our highest priority project right now is for our inventory management module. Each week we are making great progress towards the industry's first inventory tool that is ready to help media owners make the jump to ad serving. Simultaneously, we are wrapping up a similar planning tool for OOH buyers. Stay tuned for more updates on these tools, but don't hesitate to reach out to with any questions. 

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