Release 3.51

Hi Everyone!

Today we released Version 3.51. This week we added two big features:

  1. Bulk Creative Upload
  2. NYC Neighborhoods in planning and targeting

Bulk Creative Upload

A major complaint from users of our dashboard was that they had to upload their creatives one-by-one. This could be very time consuming, especially for campaigns with many creative variations. Now, you can select multiple creatives at once and “Import” them as a set.


Save your creatives on your computer with the names you would like to use:



Go to the “Creatives” tab in the dashboard, and click “Import”



Choose a creative type (you cannot upload a mix of images and videos - all creatives must be of the same type):


Select the creatives that you would like to upload in bulk



Enter the creative details as usual and Save


NYC Neighborhoods

NYC Neighborhoods are now available in targeting (buyers and sellers) and in planning (buyers only).


To target an NYC Neighborhood, choose the “Geofence” option in targeting, and search for the neighborhood(s) you are interested in:


Planning (Buyers Only)

To pull avails by neighborhood in planning, search for the desired neighborhood(s) in the “Geofence” filter:

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