Release 3.58

Hi Everyone!

Today we released Version 3.58. We made some improvements for media owners.

Users can be granted access to individual networks

Previously all users had access to every network within an account. Now, the Vistar team is able to select the network or networks to which a given user has access.

From an account management standpoint, this will allow our partners to better structure how their teams interact with the dashboard. Now, teams dedicated to individual networks can have logins that only allow them to view and interact with the network relevant to them.

This is also useful if a partner has multiple independent screen operators managing separate networks and needs to share reporting for only the given operator’s locations. Network permissioning will allow them to still have access to the dashboard, but give them a view restricted to only what is being trafficked to their specific locations.

Note that this change will not affect current permissions in the dashboard.

Please reach out to if you would like to setup network permissions for your users.

SOV % added to Inventory

The seller inventory tool now displays the share of voice percentage once you check availability. The share of voice tells you what percentage of screen time a given proposal will reserve.

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