Release 3.60

Hi Everyone!

Today we released Version 3.60. We made some  improvements for media owners.

Resolved pricing discrepancies in Inventory booking confirmation page

We made some improvements so that the final price on the booking confirmation page for the Inventory tool is now accurate.

Improved Available Percent column in Inventory tool availability view

In the Inventory tool on the Availability tool, we’ve renamed the “Available %” column to “Utilization %” in order to more accurately represent that this bar shows how much of the available capacity is being targeted by the current proposal.

Cortex now supports creative category separation

Creatives from different clients that are of the same category will not play back-to-back.

Improved POI filtering design

Previously, on the mapping screen of the Inventory tool, the POI filtering was blue just like all of the other geo targeting. Now, when a POI filter is applied you should see a green pin to indicate the location of each POI and a green outline + shading to indicate the filtered area.

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