Release 3.70

Hi Everyone!

This week we released version 3.70 to the Vistar Dashboard. This included some improvements for our OOH buyer planning tool.

Revamped the OOH planning tool UI

In the latest update, the OOH planning tool has been converted to a single view. Users are now able to directly export the units that have been added to their plan from the map view. As a result, the top navigation arrows have been removed which allows the size of the map to increase and makes the UI cleaner.

The available filters and top-line functionality has remained the same. Using the panel in the top-left, users are able to clear all filters, exports all units added to the plan to a CSV, and create a client-friendly shareable map with only the units added to the plan.

Users can now add units to plans in bulk

Previously, users could only add units to a plan one at a time either through the unit popover or from the unit preview on the right. Now, in addition to these options, users can bulk add units to their plan from the top-left panel.

At this point, the bulk add feature is limited to 1000 units at a time, but we plan to eliminate this restrictions in future releases.


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