Release 3.73

Hi Everyone!

In the last 2 weeks we’ve released Version 3.73. We made some improvements for both media buyers and media owners.

Hourly GVT

Sellers can now store much more granular impression data for their locations. Until now, impression data was stored weekly, and impressions for a location are calculated based on the length of each ad play. Now, these impression numbers can vary by hour and day of week. This means that ad plays during the busiest days and times will count for more impressions than ad plays, say, in the middle of the night. This will only apply for media owners who have access to hourly traffic numbers for their locations, and report them to Vistar. If you are interested in implementing this for your network, please reach out for more information.

Custom Shapes in Inventory

Have you ever wanted to filter your inventory based on a shape that isn’t a zip code or neighborhood? You can now create your own custom geometric shapes when filtering units in the inventory tool! Just click the little polygon symbol in the bottom left of the map view and draw your shape on the map and you'll see a unit filter appear in the proposal summary on the right side with all of the units that fall within the shape. With this feature, you can select up to 100 units to add to the proposal.



Weather Targeting

By popular demand, weather targeting is now available on the buy-side! While you're specifying when and where you want your campaign to run, you can now also set up targeting so that a campaign only runs during (or not during) specific weather conditions.


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