Releases 3.61 + 3.62

Hi Everyone!

Over the last two weeks we have released versions 3.61 and 3.62 to the Vistar dashboard. We made some improvements for media buyers and media owners.

End dates can now be adjusted on active campaigns

Previously users were not able to move up the end date of a given campaign after that campaign had been activated. As situations have arisen where budgets and flight dates were subject to change, we have given users the ability to shorten the flight date of an active campaign as long as the new end date is still in the future.

The Planning and Inventory Tools now accept custom sets of POIs  

Previously we only had pre-defined sets of points of interest available (e.g. Movie Theaters, Starbucks, etc.) in the planning and inventory tools. Now, the user is able to upload their own custom set of POIs to filter down inventory based on its proximity to their points.

To upload a custom POI set, navigate to the Admin tab in the trafficking dashboard and click on the POIs section. From this view hit the "ADD POI" button to launch an upload portal. 


The upload portal contains a text box and the file import function. Type in a descriptive name for your custom POI and upload the csv file. 


The system accepts a CSV file with latitude and longitude in the first two columns respectively. The file should not contain headers. Once the CSV is uploaded, it will be available in the dropdown filter in inventory and the user can set the radius that they would like to filter with (this can be in meters, miles, or feet).


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