Releases 3.63 + 3.64

Hi Everyone!

Over the last two weeks we have released versions 3.63 and 3.64 to the Vistar dashboard. We made some improvements for media buyers and media owners.

Added ability for sellers to set priority levels on line items

When a seller creates a line item now, there are two options for a new 'Priority' field. A line item can be set as "Default", which is the same as a standard line item today, or as "House", which is the same as a bonus line item. In the next phase, a 3rd, high priority level, *Sponsorship* will be added, which will take precedence over Default and House Line Items.



Improved the design of the pin popover in the map view

Instead of displaying a pin popover and then a unit preview on the right side when a unit is selected, the two have been merged into one popover and the unit detail on the right has been removed.


Improved Inventory tool performance

Users with many proposals in the system should notice a major improvement when checking availability in Inventory. 

Minor Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 'By Day' reporting in the dashboard

  • Resolved 'Session Expired' message for the sandbox and dashboard urls

  • Fixed issues with shared map in Inventory and OOH Buyer Planning

  • Resolved Group by DMA ability in Inventory


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