Release 3.67

Hi Everyone!

Today we released Version 3.67. We made some improvements for media owners.

Users can now upload VAST creatives

We have added the functionality to allow media owners to upload and assign VAST URLs in place of creatives in the dashboard. This feature is available in the “Creatives” tab in media owner accounts:




Assigning a VAST creative to a line item follows the same process as assigning a typical creative. The VAST creative will appear in the list of available creatives to associate when the “Associate Creative” button is clicked in the line items view.

Added “Sponsorship” as the highest priority level

In version 3.64 we released the “default” and “house” priorities, which respectively replaced the standard and bonus settings. Now we have added the “sponsorship” priority level, which will be the highest priority and thereby take precedence over line items with either “default” or “house” set as the priority.



This would be particularly useful in cases where a media owner would like to run a campaign takeover or heavy-up on a particular venue or set of venues.

Fixed creative weighting issue on “house” line items

We had been experiencing an issue that was causing 'house' line items with more creatives associated to get proportionally more ad plays than line items with fewer creatives. This issue has since been corrected, and now the delivery logic matches that of other priority line items in which all line items with equal budgets will delivery evenly regardless of the number of creatives associated.

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