Release 3.70

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday we released Version 3.70. We made some improvements for media owners.

Revamped the inventory tool UI

We have consolidated our inventory tool into a single view, which allows all information to be easily found and modified from the mapping screen within any proposal. Previously there was a second view which included buttons to reserve and book your proposal, as well as share of voice figures. Now all of this information is available in the proposal summary panel on the right.

The summary panel lists all proposal details. It also provides a percentage breakdown of inventory included in the current proposal, inventory reserved on other proposals, and inventory that has yet to be reserved (Open units).

If there is insufficient inventory to book a given budget, the module returns an alert and lists both the maximum dollar and impression budget that could be reserved.

All other actions such as marking the proposal Reserved, marking the proposal Booked, generating a shared map, or exporting a unit list, are performed in the same manner as before, but from the new single view.

Users can now auto-generate orders from Booked proposals

Once a proposal is booked, users now have the option to automatically generate an order from the proposal. Previously users would have to manually replicate the relevant proposal details as orders and line items. We have eliminated this step to both increase efficiency and also to reduce errors.

This option is available at the bottom of the proposal summary next to the ‘Reopen’ button.

After selecting ‘Create Order’ the system will return the following message if successful:

In order to ensure everything lines up properly, there are a few restrictions:

  1. Proposals must have one network filter selected.

  2. Users cannot generate orders with POI filtering applied.

We plan to eliminate these restrictions in future releases.

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