Weather triggers overview

Vistar offers brands the ability to target audiences in their DOOH campaigns based on environmental conditions, through a partnership with The Weather Company, that have the potential to influence customer behavior. All weather triggers are relative, determined by location and current conditions.

When certain thresholds are met, The Weather Company communicates these indicators to Vistar’s programmatic DOOH platform. Vistar then automatically activates the creative where it is most likely to resonate.



The key advantages to utilizing weather triggers:

  • Anticipate and activate DOOH campaigns based on weather’s influence on consumer emotion and behavior in a given area
  • Improve effectiveness by automatically serving ads that are contextually relevant to your audience in the relative locations where they are
  • Reduce media waste and increase efficiency by triggering messages only when and where the conditions that contribute to the desired behavior are present

Weather trigger categories

Below is a breakdown of the weather trigger categories available in the DSP

Category Definition Sample Triggers
Relative Conditions 

Relative condition triggers can account for how weather in its various forms is felt differently across regions. For example, 50 degrees may be warm in Chicago, but not Miami.

  • Inclement Weather 
  • Hot & Humid
  • Air Quality
  • Tornado 


Product triggers can reflect the optimal weather conditions that drive demand, reaching consumers during known condition-mixes that precipitate an increase in product sales.                       

  • Beer
  • Bottled Water               
  • Alcohol 
  • Auto Shopping

Symptom, Prescription, OTC and Predictive Health triggers can be used where people are more likely to be experiencing symptoms, filling prescriptions, or purchasing medicine.

  • Allergies 
  • Asthma
  • Sinus Remedies 
  • Predictive Health 

Activity triggers reflect the mix of weather conditions that are likely to drive certain behaviors and experiences

  • Online Shopping
  • Indoor Activity 
  • Inclement Driving 
  • Outdoor Dining
Watson Health

Reach the customers most likely to be experiencing symptoms, or more likely to shop in-store.

  • Cold & Flu
  • COPD

Activating weather triggers

Depending on whether you are adding targeting to a plan, IO, or creative, you can complete the following procedure to select Current Weather targeting:

  1. Click Current Weather in the Triggers section. The Current Weather options appear.
  2. Click the Current Weather drop-down list and select an option. The weather name appears next to the field to indicate that it was selected.

How it works

The Weather company's technology analyzes weather variables, sales data and anonymized third-party data across over 41,600 zip codes in the United States—and an increasing number of international territories—to identify patterns of relevant consumer behaviors.

This is integrated with Vistar’s ad server targeting, which refreshes every 15 minutes for every postal code. For example, if your line item is using a weather trigger for targeting and it begins to rain around a venue location that is included in your geographic targeting, within 15 minutes that venue appears as a qualifying venue.



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