Release 4.10

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 4.10. We’ve made the following changes and improvements:

Feature changes and improvements to the new creatives view

In the previous release, we launched the new creatives view. Since then we have made the following additional improvements to this view:

(i) Buyers can now submit creative approvals
Prior to a campaign’s launch, buyers must submit the creatives associated with the campaign to all necessary media owners for approval. In addition to the regular process of creative submission described here, buyers can now submit creatives for approval in the new creatives view.

To do this, navigate to the insertion orders tab and click on the IO. In the IO detail view, click on the creatives tab. Select the creative(s) that needs to be submitted for approval and select ‘submit for approval’ in the ‘More’ dropdown menu. Note, this drop down menu is only activated when a creative is checked.



(ii) Archived creatives are hidden by default
In the new creatives view, all archived creatives are hidden by default. Clicking the “Include Archived checkbox will add any archived creatives to the list.



(iii) Users can sort creatives based on the date of upload

We have added a new field in the creatives table to show when creatives were uploaded to the system. The ‘date uploaded’ field enhances user interactions with the new view. To see the most recently uploaded creatives associated with a particular client or advertiser you can sort all creatives by descending order.


(iv) Users can now edit creative details in the new view

Within the new view, users can now make edits to a creative’s name, category or tracking url without navigating out to the main creatives tab. To do this, click on the creative name. This launches the edit modal where all editable fields are active.



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