Fleet 2.15 - Player 2.9 - Ads App 1.2.5 - Scheduler 1.4.1

This week we released updates across all areas of the Cortex platform. Keep reading for a list of all the updates!

Fleet 2.15

Password reset

Fleet users who have forgotten their credentials can now reset their passwords using a standard workflow:


Deleting Silo datasets and slices

User can now delete datasets and slices in Silo


Player 2.9

The new Cortex player is now available. We encourage you to upgrade your devices to take advantage of the following improvements.

Internal resource usage reporting

The player now reports internal resource usage to Fleet. The Details tab for a device will display per-app memory usage, bandwidth usage and disk usage charts.

Better handling of app memory issues

The player now handles app out of memory situations more gracefully. Each app is allowed to use up to 400MB. if an app uses more memory than this, handle this in the background without interrupting the content display. 400MB is a default. Per app memory usage can be changed with the --max-memory-per-app=<bytes> flag.

Hostname and network information in logs

The player now logs its hostname and network interface information to syslog on startup. This information is also available on Fleet: Device > Internal State > system::network

Applications can now log JSON messages

These messages will appear on Fleet device logs: Device > Logs

Improved player app crash handling

Log messages changed to better reflect the action player took to handle the crash

Additional improvements

  • Player - Watchdog health checks are improved
  • Improved player app health checks
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Vistar Ads App 1.2.5 and Scheduler 1.4.1

Scheduler now allows back to back content when necessary

Previously, the scheduler prevented back-to-back content, and would drop to fallback content if the same ad was served back to back. Now however, the scheduler will try try its best to avoid back-to-back content, but allow it if necessary. This means that for a sponsorship, for example, you will only need to upload one creative to the ad server.

Ads app no longer report app crashes when there are no ads to display

Instead, these events will be seen as Warnings on Fleet. The player does not restart the ads app in these cases.

Improved JSON logging

See device logs page (Device > Logs) to view player / app logs.

Improved ads app memory usage and garbage collection

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