Release 4.06

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 4.06. We’ve made the following changes and improvements: 

Updated the Creatives view for a more streamlined campaign setup process

In an effort to streamline the campaign setup process for all users, we have revamped the view for uploading and associating creatives with IOs/Orders.  This new view reduces the need to switch between tabs when working with creatives.


The first phase of these changes includes the following features:

Users can now upload creatives from the IO/Order view

Adding creatives in the new view follows the same process as before. You select ‘Add Creative’, choose the type of creative you are uploading, and the creative will automatically populate in the table below. From there you can associate any of the creatives with any of the campaigns/line items under the IO/Order by checking the box next to the desired creative(s) and selected “Associate With…”.   

Users can now add, modify, or view creative targeting from the IO/Order view

Previously creative targeting was only visible within the ‘Creatives’ tab. Now you can add, modify, or view creative targeting by simply checking the box of the creative or creatives you wish to edit, click the ‘More’ dropdown, and select ‘Add Targeting’.


Buyers can now view creative approval status within the IO view 

Previously buyers had to navigate to the ‘Creatives’ tab in order to view approval status for any given creative. Now buyers will be able to view this information directly from the IO view, eliminating the need to jump between tabs.


Next week we’ll release the second phase of the new creatives view, in which buyers will be able to submit for approval from the IO/Order view. 


Centralized custom POI uploads

The Custom POI upload function has been moved from the inventory tool to the Admin Portal. This is part of an ongoing effort to consolidate the targeting workflows.

To upload a custom POI set, navigate to the Admin tab in the trafficking dashboard and click on the POI button. From this view hit the “ADD POI” button to launch an upload portal.


The upload portal contains a text-box and the file import function. Prior to uploading the file, type in a descriptive name for your custom POI set, with adherence to  the format here: [category- location name]. Examples: Retail - Macy's Stores, Casual Dining- McDonalds, etc.

Upload the csv file and hit save.


Note, the csv file should only have two columns, latitude and longitude in that order, and no headers.

Once the CSV is uploaded you should be able to select the new set from the POI dropdown filter in inventory.



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