Fleet 2.14

This week we released version 2.14 of the Fleet dashboard.  Read about the new features and bug fixes below!

Player resource usage charts

The device detail page now shows player resource usage charts. The charts will be empty until the new player version is released. Once the new player is released, you will be able to see memory, network, and disk usage over the last hour, 24 hours, or 7 days. 

Added % of online / offline production devices in account overview page


Ability to export asset breakdowns in the Application View Report

You can now export the asset breakdown from the Application View Report.

Ability to release new app versions to specific networks 

This option is only available to Vistar Media admins, but it gives us more control over which networks get certain app releases. For example, one network might need extra time to test a new app version, while others are fine making it stable and releasing it to their screens. 

Bug fixes:

  • Tag autocomplete in device edit page is now working as expected.
  • Silo dataset view table wasn't displaying any data when data rows had different columns.
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