Fleet 2.13

This week we released version 2.13 of the Fleet dashboard. This week we enhanced the Ad Delivery report!

New Ad Delivery Report


Previously, the ad delivery report was simply a list of all devices that have not displayed ads in the last hour. To figure out the issue for each device, you'd have to dig into the device detail to investigate. In some cases, there might not even be an advertising issue (e.g. device is just offline). To improve on this workflow, the report will now work as follows:

Only devices with the ads app in their strategy are included: If a device is not meant to show ads at all, we exclude it from this report, and reduce the noise.

Device online/offline status is included in the report: If the device is offline, there is usually a non-advertising issue, and you can consider these devices together as you work through the list.


Device events from the last 3 hours are shown in the report: This helps you identify the problem that may be occurring on the device.







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