Release 4.04

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 4.04. We’ve made the following changes and improvements:

Dashboard authentication improvements to accommodate multi-account users 

Following our recent expansion into markets outside the US, we have made improvements to facilitate dashboard access for users with multiple accounts. As part of those improvements, we’ve introduced a username field in place of an email (and password) authentication into the dashboard. The username could be, but doesn’t necessarily have to be an email address.

Therefore users with multiple accounts, for instance a Canada and a US account, will be able to set an individual username for each account, while keeping a single primary email for both accounts to which all notifications and alerts will be communicated.


Admin users will also have the ability to set up new users to their account(s) based on this new format - where both an email ID and a username login credential have to be set.

Media owners can now view related proposals within a single contract detail view
Inventory users can now see all proposals for a specific contract in a single view.

Clicking on the contract number will navigate the user to a detailed view of all its underlying proposals.



Bug fix:

Aligning numbers on order and line item level progress bars

We have put a fix in place to ensure that as long as the underlying line item does not have any Day of Week or Hour of Day targeting, the order and line item progress bars will be in sync.

This fix addresses a recent issue where the order progress bar indicated as behind delivery pace, whereas the line item progress bar was registering the correct status.

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