Release 4.00

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 4.00. We’ve made the following changes and improvements:

Contract number introduced as a new field in reporting
Contract number” is an optional value populated at the proposal or order/ IO creation stage.
Whereas we have always stored the details of this field in the back end, we have not had this information exposed to the dashboard reporting view.

Following this release, users can now retrieve contract number details in reporting by grouping by Order or IO .


Media owners now able to set budget goals at the proposal creation stage
We have introduced changes in inventory that provide users with flexibility in defining a proposal’s budget goals. As a result, users can now choose whether they want to set an impressions goal or a price goal, depending on their client’s RFP.


Bug Fix:

SoV% calculations for custom shape filter in inventory
When users apply the custom shape filter in inventory, the SoV percentage calculation and the count of available units both get updated on the open proposal. There was a bug in production that inhibited this update but that has now been addressed.




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