Release 3.98

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 3.98. We’ve made the following changes and improvements:

Audience targeting for media owners
Targeting by audience has long been a feature on the exchange platform and we are excited to finally introduce the functionality as part of our Programmatic Direct solution. Following this update users transacting direct deals will have the option to target ads to a particular audience.



Users can now reopen proposals for modification during the reservation process
As an improvement to the inventory tool, media owners can now reopen a proposal while the reservation process is running. The option to reopen a proposal during reservation would come in handy in the event that a user wanted to modify the number of impressions desired, the set target price or CPM.


In the past, if a user wanted to make any of the above changes they would have to wait for the reservation to complete and then re-open the proposal for modification.

Targeting by Vistar-Verified POIs 
We have added the option for users to apply targeting based on Vistar-verified POIs. These POIs allow users to select from a predefined set of locations that Vistar has vetted.

To apply the filter, create or select the line item of interest and from the “Targeting” tab, click on POI. The POI filter will display a dropdown menu with the list of Vistar-verified options to select from, see below.



Now tracking modifications made to creative flights and weight in the Change History tab
The change history tab provides a tracking system where both media buyers and owners can view updates made to their campaigns (on the buyside) or line items (on the sellside).

Newly introduced to this list of tracked changes, is the ability to view all modifications made to a creative’s weight or flight dates. The change history data will indicate the name of creative modified, date of modification, as well as the original and new values.



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