Fleet 2.11


This week we released version 2.11 of the Fleet dashboard. This version includes several reporting updates as described below!

Sandbox Networks 

Users can now mark networks as 'sandbox': Network List > Network > Edit. You should see a new Sandbox column in network list table.


For now, this only affects the numbers in the overview page. Devices under sandbox networks will not be counted as explained in the next section. In the future, we will update more reports to exclude the sandbox devices. 

Users should mark the relevant networks as “Sandbox” so that they are excluded from the production stats


Account overview page stats 

The top online / offline stats show production devices only. There is a sub-line for sandbox / testing counts. This makes it easier to assess production network health at a glance.


Overall uptime is now an average uptime of production networks for yesterday -- not past 24 hours

Updated Uptime report 

The new version of the uptime report works on a single network only, and data for the current day is not available. Uptimes are calculated for each calendar date and stored. Moving forward, users will be able to see historical uptimes.


Data in the new format is available starting at 2/23. There will be no data in the Uptime report prior to this date. Vistar can provide older, per-device (not per network) uptime data if necessary.

There is a simple visual indicator on network uptime page: Green >95%, Yellow: >60%, otherwise Red.


Network uptime report can be drilled down for each date. This will take you a page showing device uptimes for that date. 

Device uptime page can be further drilled down for each device. This will take you to a page showing uptimes for the device in the original date range.

There is also text at the bottom of the report with details on how the numbers in the report are calculated.

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