Manually register a player device

After you successfully install the Cortex player, a registration code appears on your device. The Wi-Fi icon at the top-right of the screen indicates network connectivity status. If it is not green, check your device's internet connectivity. The six letter code displayed at the center of your device screen (for example, V57A6H in the following image) is the registration code for this player. You need to use this code to complete the registration.


Note: If you would like to register multiple devices at once, you have the option to Bulk register devices.  

You can also view the FAQs section at the end of this article.

Complete the following procedure to register your device.

To register a device in Fleet

  1. Log in to Fleet at
  2. Click Devices in the side navigation bar, then click New. The Register Device view appears.
  3. Enter the following information:
    • Registration code—Enter the six letter code displayed at the center of your device screen.
    • Network—Click the network drop-down list and select your network. If you do not have any networks listed, you must create a network first.
    • Device name—Enter an easily identifiable device name.
    • (Optional) Device tags—Enter a tag (such as new york) and press Enter. Note that you can add more than one tag to a device. This enables you to quickly search for devices or organize your devices for a number of reasons. For example, if you want to deploy a strategy to all of your "new york" devices. Additionally, if you created tags for other devices, your existing tags appear in the drop-down list as you type.
  4. Click Register. A message appears to confirm that your device was registered and is now included in the device list in Fleet. Your device screen indicates that the player is now registered.


"When I start the player I am getting a blank screen instead of the screen with registration code."
  1. Check your device's internet connectivity. 
  2. Close the player window and kill the Cortex Player. 
  3. Delete any existing application data. 
  4. Start the Cortex Player.
"What happens if I still have not registered my device, but I installed and I am running the Cortex player? Will the player still be connected to Fleet?"
The Cortex player will attempt to connect to the Cortex backend every 10 seconds. When connection is established, the Cortex player allows you to register your device in Fleet.
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