Release 3.91

Hi Everyone!

This past week we released Version 3.91. We've made the following changes and improvements:

Users can set targeting on individual creatives

This new feature enables users to apply targeting directly on the creative. As a media buyer or owner, you can navigate to the creatives tab and select the creative or creatives to which you would like to apply targeting. Creative targeting eliminates the need to create multiple line items for campaigns that need to show different creatives over time. Note that the targeting parameters have not changed, you are able to apply any of the targeting rules that currently exist at the campaign level to your creative

Admin users can now control login management

Previously, dashboard users would have to reach out to Vistar’s support team in order to request dashboard access for new employees. Going forward , media owners will be able to select admin users for their trafficking account. The selected admin users will have the ability to control log-in access and role assignment for the various types of users in the company


Data export from Forecasting tab

We are continually making improvements to the relatively new forecasting tool for media owners. One of these improvements is the addition of export functionality. You now have the ability to export your revenue forecast data from the dashboard to a local csv file.

As a result you can fully leverage the excel tools to view and analyze your data



DISCUS compliant geofence

We have introduced a new geofence filter that allows media owners to target units that are DISCUS-compliant.  Media owners can request to have this filter added to their dashboard accounts


Vistar extends dashboard support capabilities to Canada

Earlier in the year, Vistar extended our buying and selling product suites to Canada. This includes adding support for targeting Canadian geographic areas (e.g. provinces and economic regions) as well as budgeting and reporting in Canadian dollars.

Fixed issue with creative association at the campaign level

We had been experiencing an issue where users were not able to view associated creatives in the campaign detail view. The issue has now been fixed so creatives will appear as expected!


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