Editing a Device

Steps to Edit a Device

  1. Expand ‘Devices’ in the side navigation menu and click on ‘List’
  2. Click on the device ID for the device you want to edit
  3. Click the [Configure] button in the top right of the device overview page
  4. Select ‘Edit Device’ from the dropdown


Fields on Edit Device Form

Device name

  • You can edit the name of your device in this field.

Testing Device

  • If a device is a testing device you will be able to see the testing version of your applications on the device. If you uncheck the testing device option you will see the stable version of the application on the device

Device Location

  • You can specify your device’s location using GPS coordinates in this form. Once you add a location you will be able to see it reflected in the map on the Overview page and Device Details page.


  • When you first register a device you select the network your device will be added to. You can change the network the device is a part of through the Edit Device form. A device can only be a part of one network.

Device Tags

  • You can use device tags to help you more easily identify, group, and search for devices. Tags are often used in forms such as when you are upgrading, deleting etc. Device tags are case sensitive and cannot start with underscores.


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