Release 3.89

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 3.89. We’ve made the following changes and improvements:

Dashboard now contains direct help link and live support chat 

As a dashboard user, you now have two immediate sources of assistance for any question you may have or issue you may encounter while in the dashboard. The first of which is the “Help” tab located at the bottom of the left nav. This links immediately to our Knowledge Base, which contains extensive documentation on all aspects of the dashboard. The second is the live support chat widget, which is manned by a member of the Vistar Support team during business hours. Feel free to submit any question or issue to the live support chat, and we will either provide immediate guidance or we will add the request to our normal support queue if an immediate solution is not available.


Users can now view revenue forecasting

As a media owner, you can now view your potential future revenue, occupancy, and CPM based on reserved and booked proposals. This information is stored in the “Forecasting” tab under the Reporting section.

Users can view all campaign details in a single view

Previously, when a user clicked on a Campaign name in the IO detail view, it would open the inline detail form where they could edit the campaign details. We decided that it was more intuitive for this action to take the user to a view where they could view and edit all of the campaign’s details, including creatives and targeting.

Now when the user selects a campaign name in the IO detail view, they will be brought to the following view --


Improved usability of the datepicker in reporting 

Previously the datepicker in reporting offered only one scrollable calendar view from which both the start date and end date were entered.  Now there are separate calendar views for the start date and the end date, so users can to navigate to the desired dates independently, leading to more efficient use.


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