Release 3.86

Hi Everyone!

This week we released Version 3.86. We’ve made the following changes and improvements:


Creative approval submissions are now validated against network requirements

Previously there were no restrictions on what size or format of creative could be submitted to a particular network. We have since built each network’s screen specifications (resolutions and formats) into our system, and these specifications are used to validate every creative that is submitted for approval. For example, if a given network only has landscape screens, and the buyer is running a campaign with landscape and portrait creatives, even if both creatives are selected for submission, that network would only receive the qualifying landscape creative for approval.

As a buyer, this means that you will not have to worry about only submitting correctly formatted creatives to networks. Rather, the system has logic built in to intelligently select which creatives do and do not get submitted to all desired networks.

As a media owner, this means you will not have creatives submitted to your network that do not match your screens’ specifications.


Users can now view and edit clients and advertisers

Previously, users could only add clients or advertisers when creating a new Order/IO, and after creation, there was no means to edit the names of said clients or advertisers. Now, there is a separate section of the dashboard with that gives users the functionality to create, view, and edit clients or advertisers. This view is available in the “Admin” tab in the bottom left side of the dashboard.


Users can now apply weights to creatives

Previously, if multiple creatives were attached to a line item, the Vistar ad server would display each creative relatively evenly. In some cases, users want to control how frequently each creative is served. Now, rather than having to split budgets into multiple line items with a single creative, users can explicitly specify the percentage that they would like each creative to play relative to the other creatives on the line item.

When multiple creatives are associated with a line item, the system will by default set the weight % to 100, meaning that each creative will be displayed evenly. Users can then use the “Edit” function to set more specific delivery weighting for each of the associated creatives. 


Seller Dashboard improvements

We have added the following improvements to the seller dashboard:

  • Users can now group and filter on line item priority in direct reporting
  • Spend from bonus and house lines items not longer counts against order budget
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